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Solar Thermal Technology Solutions

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Solar enhanced Thermodynamic technology

Finally, products and technology that reduce our CO2 emissions and that are environmentally sustainable, are becoming trendy. This could arguably be one of the most important trends that we’ll experience. This is more than merely ‘fashionable’, it is the smart and responsible choice. So, when you’re choosing a hot water system give yourself the satisfaction of an environmentally sustainable option that will also meet all your hot water needs; explore solar thermal technology solutions.


The Alternative Energy Company are proud to present Energie Solar Thermodynamic hot water systems.

This technology uses free renewable energy from the atmosphere, minimal electricity and has no emissions. Solar thermodynamic hot water systems have been widely used in Europe and the UK for the last 25 years but are relatively new here. As well as being clean and green, the key benefits for you is that they are incredibly cheap to run, operate efficiently in all weathers, day and night, and require no maintenance. Energie, the manufacturer, are a trusted, world leader in Solar Thermodynamic technology with 30 years’ experience.

If you are building a new home, or want to upgrade your existing hot water system, the team from Alternative Energy would love to talk with you. They tell us their systems can potentially save you money and future proof your home from rising electricity costs. Businesses can also benefit from Solar Thermodynamic technology. In fact, this system is ideal for heating large volumes of hot water and the larger the volumes used, the quicker the payback.


Your choices make a difference, not just to your wallet and comfort levels, but to saving our environment. Think about saying no to continuing to burn fossil fuel for hot water and use solar thermal technology solutions.

There is an alternative and The Alternative Energy Company has it. Solar Thermodynamics – the smartest way to heat your hot water. Visit them at the Auckland Home Show this September – and be part of the change.

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