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Small space storage

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Most of us know the struggle of having too much stuff at home with nowhere to put it. Small space storage can be frustrating; not finding what you need in your kitchen or feeling like your bathroom is never really clean or worse still relying on the ‘chairdrobe’ system!

This type of disarray can cause us to become stressed and unorganised. Bring organisation and calmness back to your home with these small space storage ideas. But remember that no matter how easy Marie Kondo might make it seem, getting organised can take time and discipline. But the benefits outweigh the effort. Whether you live in a studio apartment, small home, or just lack storage space, there are so many solutions for your storage issues!

It’s cool to be square (storage cubes)

Clutter is a constant in small spaces, and the more storage solutions you can find, the cleaner and calmer your rooms will feel. Try a strategy used here to gain valuable spots to stash essentials: Install cube or rectangular shelf units for open storage. No doors means no need to gobble up space for opening and closing.

Don’t Ignore Walls

When it comes to small space storage shelves don’t need to be wide expanses of horizontal space to be useful, especially in small spaces. Here, narrow shelves store and display colourful cookbooks. 

Back of door storage 

Don’t forget the space on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door! Whether it’s hanging door hooks and baskets specific for that purpose, using self adhesive hooks or adding a curtain rod, it’s an easy way to store and keep organised without taking up too much space. 

Small items add up

Some items are hard to store, even when space isn’t an issue. Jewellery collections, tend to include a range of items that are difficult to ‘stash’ in regular-size compartments. Stop taking up limited drawer and shelf space by using walls for extra storage. DIY an empty frame with a piece of cork and use pins to hang necklaces and bracelets. Hang it near your dressing area for easy access.

Jewellery Storage

Magnetic Makeup organiser 

We love the idea of freeing up vanity space by creating a DIY magnetic makeup board to store your favourite makeup instead of having to dig through a messy makeup bag. There are a number of DIY instructional blogs and Youtube tutorials available for ‘magnetic makeup organisers’ online. Another idea is having a simple magnet strip to keep your most used metal bathroom items close at hand. Whether it be bobby pins, nail supplies, small scissors or whatever else you can come up with.

Magnet makeup storage

Small space storage ‘Cart Hack’

Rolling carts are so versatile and can be used for extra bathroom storage, as a nightstand, for desk storage or for craft/project storage. And if you truly don’t have space in your bathroom for one (maybe you share a bathroom with multiple people?), you can store your bath products, makeup, etc on the rolling cart in your bedroom and wheel it into the bathroom as needed.

Bathroom cart

Entryway Drop Zone

The right combination of furniture and accessories can create an efficient entryway, even if space is limited. Larger items like coats, hats, umbrellas and footwear will be at the ready when needed, along with those smaller items like scarves & keys. It’s also a great place to locate and store your reusable shopping bags when you venture out shopping. 

Open Your Storage

Doors on furniture take up room that may not be available in small spaces. If you’re going to be brave and store your clothing out in the open, (either because you think it’d look cool, or because you really do not have a closet), you need to commit to keeping it clean and organised. You can’t just toss a sweater in. You need to fold it or hang it up. And be ready for people to be able to see your fashion style in all its glory!

Open closet with no door

Hide Your Storage

The complete opposite to the tip above, is to hide away items using ‘double duty furniture’, after-all not all items need to be stored in full view. Employ smart furniture tricks like using an ottoman to conceal magazines, cozy throws and extra cushions. Also, built in window seats in bedrooms and living rooms make for great secret storage locations. 

Smart storage, and a little ingenuity can go a long way when it comes to making your space seem bigger, cleaner, and better organised. These are just a few of the many ideas out there, see more of our tips to make the most of your small space here .

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