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Mothers Day Gifts For Mums Who Love Home Improvements

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and many families around the country will be scrambling for Mothers Day gifts and ways to celebrate Mum. Some will go for a much loved traditional ‘breakfast in bed’. Others will choose the classic chocolate and flower combo. Or with winter approaching new slippers and cozy robes will be welcomed with open arms. Although these are all well received Mother’s Day gifts, we’ve got some creative ideas specifically suited to Mums who love DIY and home improvement projects. Now you obviously won’t have enough time for a whole home renovation, or to gut the bathroom or kitchen, but here are a few relatively budget friendly and thoughtful ideas that can boost both her home’s appeal and your standing with mum; no matter if you’re an adult or family member helping the kids out, we’ve got you covered!

Subscribe For A Gift That Keeps On Giving. 

Magazines were once the ‘go-to’ subscription, but as technology and services have improved there are so many options sure to make a great Mother’s Day gift. Here’s a few of our favourites. 

  • Green thumbed Mum? What about seed and gardening subscriptions for those with skills or who want to learn how to get growing. 
  • Entertainment streaming services for Music, Movies and TV. We’re still spending more time at home generally speaking, and as the winter weather ramps up, home entertainment options are a lovely creature comfort to treat Mum to. 
  • Beauty / Pamper boxes are a brilliant way to treat Mum. You can do a one off or subscribe so boxes periodically show up. 
  • The drinks are on you with a Wine subscription or even cocktail kit subscriptions!!! 
  • Food meal kit box subscriptions; take the hassle out of dinner, and it’s even better if you cook the meals too sometimes! 
  • And if Mums favourite child is her ‘Fur-child’ there are pet box subscriptions available too – sure she’s not the direct recipient of the treats, but she’ll love being able to spoil her furry family member. 

Clean Up; Give Her Back More Fun Time!

We don’t mean just do the dishes, but actually get her some real time back for the more enjoyable projects she has by hiring a reputable cleaning company to make her home spic and span while you take her out for a few hours; maybe lunch or a trip to her favourite place. Better still make it a regular occurance, like a once a month spruce up… another Mother’s day gift that keeps on giving.


Wonderful Workshops

If Mum loves a good DIY project or learning new skills, why not enroll her and perhaps yourself (Dad or Adult child) into a workshop? Gardening for beginners, Interior design, Photography or Art, Woodworking or of course baking and cooking… the list goes on. Not only does Mum learn new skills or perfect them, but she’ll get some time out for herself. Bonus quality time with you if you’ve enrolled together. 

Hard Labour – acts of service

Does Mum have a list of small projects around the house that don’t seem to get done? Why not take this list off Mums hands for the weekend and knock off as many tasks as you can? This can be as simple as changing lightbulbs, replacing batteries, weeding & digging up garden beds, clearing out gutters, any ‘odd job’ that can be scratched off the list will be appreciated. But better still, there are ‘odd job’ services and Handymen who can make good on all these small tasks leaving you free to take Mum out from Breakfast instead! While this idea might not be as glamorous as flowers, practical, useful tasks will be appreciated Mothers Day gifts. 

Date for DIY loving Mum

Does Mum hang out at the local garden barn or hardware chain store? Take her on a shopping spree to add to her tool collection or purchase components to finish her latest project off. Or even pick up new paint for a feature wall, or whole room refresh! Remember many of these stores have cafes so enjoy a sweet treat and coffee too.


Sure, lollies and flowers are nice, but going the extra mile will win you some brownie points and could make your Mum happier than ever this Mother’s Day! Whether you are a loyal partner or a loving child, you can’t go wrong with home improvement help for your house proud Mum!

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