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Making the most of Small Spaces

Winter- Ready Homes: 8 Tips for Canterbury Residents

Do you have a small room that feels cluttered and overflowing?  Or, have you embraced the move towards higher density living with a smaller home?  Either way, you don’t need to compromise on your own style, you just need to be a little more creative with your space.

Inviting Living Space

When choosing your furniture, go for pieces with space under it, this makes the room appear lighter and larger.  Be careful not to go to the extreme with minimalism, you may end up with a room that lacks comfort & warmth.  If you have a nice corner to work with, go for a cosy sectional couch, it will make the room very inviting. Mount your TV on the wall and you will regain vital floor space.

Organise your Kitchen

Use the wall space!  If you like a minimal clean look, choose cupboards to put it all away.  Often the space inside the cupboard can be optimised. Use shelf risers to put extra plates on and hang your cups and wine glasses from the top.  A wall or corner space can add so much storage, find a shelf that works and get your favourite pieces out on display.

The Bedroom

Don’t compromise on your bed size! Work around using smaller side tables or turn the headboard area into storage and shelving.  Think about the unused space in the room, choose a bed with storage or drawers underneath and go for high floating shelving.

For kids, incorporating a desk into the shelving creates a wonderful nook. Kids can display all of their treasures and make it a fun study environment.  Choose a chair you can tuck in and away and don’t forget to fasten all the shelving to the walls.

Divide the Space

Consider all the things you do in a space and then establish separate zones for each activity.  Using multiple rugs in a room works well to divide space.  Look for complementary styles and work with textures & colour to make a statement. Dividing screens can help with directing the traffic flow in a room as well as bring in colour and patterns, you can even use them to show off your artwork.   A shelf wall with indoor plants is also a creative way to breathe life into your living space.

Office Place

Many small homes don’t have a full room to dedicate to an office but there are various ways to fit one into your home.  Find a hidden space and start planning.  Add cupboards to hide the clutter. Utilise the wall for a drop-down desk or rummage around for an old writing desk you can repurpose.  This not only works for office clutter but on all areas of overflow in need of storage!

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