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The Internet of things and the Home

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The world over the last few years has advanced to where we are now all online all the time and expect a lot from our environment. We expect to get a realtime map to help us navigate. We buy and order things wherever we are and track its delivery through a mobile device. Cars that are self-driving are on the horizon. Office tools like printers manage their inventory and are able to order replacement consumables. This is second nature to us and an incredible technological transformation. Our homes are also part of this wave of change, Sonja Willcox – from Smartlife give us a typical morning set in the not too distant future.

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“It’s raining outside so the lights slowly come on this morning 10 minutes earlier than yesterday anticipating the expected traffic. You ask Alexa to get the kids out of bed. They both get their own playlist of music playing in their room slowly increasing in volume so that they don’t wake up grumpy.

When you enter the bathroom, the towel rail and underfloor heating has been on for an hour (and not overnight) anticipating your arrival. The shower is also turned on and when your preferred temperature is reached Alexa lets you know it is time to get in.

Once downstairs for breakfast, the blinds have risen and the lights are on ready for you to make breakfast. After the family finishes their cereal, your fridge notifies you that it has added milk on the grocery list. You approve and get notified that the groceries will be delivered that afternoon when you are home (again based on your schedule).

You head outside to your car which has been charging at intervals overnight when the cost of power was optimal. As the last one out of the house the door locks behind you and the house goes into weekday mode, waiting for your return in the evening.”

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This might seem a bit out there but the future of home technology is not that far away. Your home should be personalised to you and your family. Lights turn on and off based on your schedule, or which room you are in. Sensors everywhere will be able to indicate movement, temperature, humidity and a host of others. This is beyond just security, we’ll have face detection in cameras, fingerprint access and personalised health alerts. Energy-efficient and secure, your smart home will be second nature adding to your quality of life and peace of mind.

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Rob Willcox – from Smartlife is presenting at the Auckland Home Show seminars 6pm daily. He’ll share an overview of innovative home technology available now; and what your home can expect in the near future. With everything from getting the kids out of bed, to ordering your groceries before you even know you need them. 

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