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The Great Pattern Mix-up

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If you’re over neutrality and want to liven up your lounge – here are four easy-to-follow tips to help you achieve the boldly patterned room of your dreams…without it looking like a kaleidoscope has burst all over your walls.

For most of us, venturing into the world of pattern is often limited only to our curtains with any further pattern mixing left to the professionals.  However, if you’re over neutrality and want visually eye-catching space in your home, then we’d like to share with you a few key rules we’ve learnt about pattern mixing like a pro.  Scale, colour and symmetry all play an important role in creating your cohesive pattern story – so let’s begin!

Picking your Palette

First up identify three colours you want to work with in a bold pattern that you love.  This is your base. Once that’s sorted, look at deeper and lighter tones of those colours as well as a couple of neutrals.  Start adding in complementary patterns that reflect one or two of your original colours as you go and before you know it, your patterned paradise is underway!

Start out easy

You don’t have to start out wallpapering the ceiling with bold gingham to make a pattern statement; just take small steps while you get your pattern personality sorted.  Displaying colourful, mixed-patterned blankets on a rack for example, will add interest and cosy vibes in your favourite room.  Incorporating pattern into changeable items like cushions, throws or artwork can be much more cost-effective than replacing curtains.

Textured Pattern

Pattern can also be created through natural materials like rattan, wood, stone or brick – or even architectural features like board and batten, tongue and groove and shiplap wall lining.  Varying the texture of these patterned fabrics and materials used will help to lift your room; too much of the same texture will flatten down your patterned vibe.

Balance is key

Don’t forget to counterbalance; the more pattern you’re mixing in, the more you’re going to need a bit of visual relief.  Countering bold patterns against solid colour or neutrals (as mentioned in Step 1) will help to soften and ground your overall look.

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