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Getting Cosy in Winter

Winter- Ready Homes: 8 Tips for Canterbury Residents

Don’t let the cooler weather get you down; follow these 6 easy steps to transform your home into the welcoming, warm and cosy haven of your wintery dreams…

1. Throw in some cushions and blankets

Cushions of faux fur, of rich jewelled velvet tones and thick, textured natural fibres are all on trend for winter 2017.  With cushions, the more the merrier – you want a nest of cosy opulence on your couch or bed.  Having blankets or throws to hand is also a simple and nurturing gesture. Thrown over the couch or folded in a handy basket, a blanket signifies comfort so it’s the perfect way to add visual warmth to a room; plus, there’s something to be said for snuggling up with a soft wool or fleece blanket and hot chocolate on the couch on a winters day!

2. Create ambient light

Don’t be afraid to break out those packets of tealights that’ve been sitting at the back of the cupboard.  The warm glow of candlelight always helps to create that cosy ambience indoors when its miserable and raining outside.  Just be sure to keep them on a stable surface, out of reach of little ones and curious pets!  Upgrading your lights to include a dimmer switch is also another effective way to create a more intimate and warming atmosphere whenever you feel the need.

3. Upgrade your mantelpiece

There’s really nothing like sitting around a roaring fire in winter.  But rather than just focusing on what’s happening inside the fireplace, think of your mantelpiece as a source of winter inspiration, not just the place to hang a stocking on at Christmas.  You can effectively change up the feeling and tone of the room through some careful placement of your favourite ceramics, books, artworks, a mirror, flowers, or candles on its surface.  Bringing the outdoors in is a favourite interior design trend so during the cooler months using plants that are “winter”, like pinecones or an interestingly shaped tree branch will add a natural texture to your room and create a focal point of interest.

4. Bring in light with mirrors

As far as mirrors go, they’re a classic and easy way to add light and dimension into a space during these shorter, darker winter days.  A simple tip to increase the light in your room is to place a big mirror directly across from a window to make your room feel both warmer and sunnier.

5. Shut out the cold

Nothing helps the feeling of settling in for the evening more than closing off the chilly outside world with some good quality thermal backed curtains.  Especially if you don’t have double glazed windows, getting curtains that go from ceiling to floor or have pelmets above will help to retain up to 60% more heat in the room.

6. Indulge in underfoot softness

Not only with a pair of thick woollen socks; consider placing a rug or two on those cold hardwood or tiled floor areas in your kitchen or bathroom to keep toes warm on icy cold mornings.  A shag area rug can completely change the aesthetic of a room plus provides a feeling of total luxury underfoot.

To speak to some of New Zealand’s top interior design experts about further simple, cost-effective ways you can revitalise your living space; head to New Zealand’s largest home and renovation exhibition, the Auckland Home Show, September 6-10 at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane.  Tickets available now at