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Find your Plant Soulmate

Winter- Ready Homes: 8 Tips for Canterbury Residents

Indoor plants continue to grow in popularity, livening up or softening a rooms décor with little to no fuss.  But for the novice planters amongst us, what to look for in a plant or how to ensure our plants last (hopefully) more than a week can be daunting.  Let’s look at some of the easy-care options you can try incorporating in your home.


Perhaps the most brilliantly undemanding plant to grow and perfect for any novice/time-poor indoor gardener.  They look great in pots, adding form, colour and texture to any space and can withstand a bit of neglect.  A water once a week throughout summer generally and even more intermittently in winter makes this a great plant to set up inside.  Plus, they come in a huge variety of shapes and colours.


Don’t be put off – yes, some orchids can be a bit more hands-on to deal with, but if you’re just starting out, then the Moth Orchid (aka the Phalaenopsis) is the one for you.  Under the right conditions their flowers can last more than 6 months!  Easy to care for, just make sure you’ve got your plant in a good bark mix to ensure good drainage – they don’t like soggy feet.

Pothos or Golden Pothos

A fabulous cascading plant, seen in many a café these days.  Put them up high and let them grow down in an elegant green waterfall, adding a wonderful dimension to a room.  Again, super easy to care for and fast growing – they can also be trained to creep sideways or even up a staircase if you’re feeling creative.


Not only architecturally cool to look at, the humble bamboo plant is recognised as being on the top plants to help filter and purify the air in your home!  Provided they’re in a bright spot with indirect light, they’ll be happy for long periods of time with little to no intervention.


The taste of fresh herbs in a dish is hard to beat, and the subtle fragrance that a bunch of fresh herbs brings into your kitchen is both earthy and welcoming.  Think about what you like to eat and go from there.  Basil for example loves to sit on a sunny windowsill so introducing it into your kitchen will add a touch of fresh green glamour to any grey day. Take another step and team it with Rosemary, Thyme, Chives, or Mint to bring your Herby Kitchen Garden to life.  The good thing is that with most herbs – the more you pick them, the better they’ll grow!

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