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Curating Carpet Trends

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The advantages of carpet are many; they are comfortable, soft underfoot, provide great insulation and deaden sound. But carpets shouldn’t just be considered for their practicality, they are a design element that takes up a decent portion of a room. These Carpet trends of 2019 may help you make a design decision that will have you ignoring the sofa and sprawling on the floor instead.

Beautiful woman listening to music while resting on floor at home

Eye catching geometrics

Geometric prints made a lot of noise in interiors due to their timelessness, they are truly patterns that traverse the ages. Now they’re hitting the floor and playing with colour and scale to make a statement rather than act as a blend-in backdrop.

Ribbed for pleasure

Textured loop pile carpet in a ribbed design first appeared in businesses as it is designed for heavy commercial wear, but that’s exactly what makes it ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and halls in the home. This isn’t a carpet trend that will go out of style anytime soon.

ribbed carpet textureImage source cormar

Terrific taste in texture

Textured carpet in general is a terrific choice: it’s an easy way to add interest to a room, feels soft underfoot, creates a feeling of comfort, absorbs sound and it just denotes luxury.

Textured carpetImage source carpetright earth


Kapow! Carpet

Neutrals will always be king, but bold homeowners are taking more risks with beautiful brights providing a contrast to modern interior schemes and offering impact to fans of maximalism. These carpet trends take on a personality all of its own, not for the meek and mild!

Bright blue carpetImage source jennifer hughes

Shag on the Floor

The seventies are back baby, with shag pile being given a modern update and adding a coziness to home spaces. It’s all plush, thick and soft, giving a comfortable contrast to hard surfaces. We say ‘Yeah baby’ this is one of those carpet trends you’ll want to kick your shoes off for!

Bedroom interior in a log on the attic floor with a roof window. Large bedroom with bedside tables and a shaggy carpet. Bedroom in modern style.

Terrific tiles

Carpet tiles are moving from the office to the home, and self-installation is easy. You can even design your own pattern for a fun, eclectic look.  These ones stick to hard floors with a removable, non-toxic adhesive, and can be lifted for a clean in the sink!

Carpet floor tilesImage source flor

Green Carpet

Just like in most places in the home, products that are eco-friendly and conscious of their impact on the environment are on the rise – and carpets are no different. The range of carpets made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves has grown dramatically, and the most popular is the rope like sisal carpet, made from plant fibres. Once coated with sealers to make it fire-retardant and stain-resistant it is a great looking and practical carpet that also loves the earth.

Environmental green carpetImage source alternative flooring

Tribal Trends

Animal skins were the original carpets, and this year they are back on the floor – but not just as a rug. Proving there is nowhere in the house the tribal trend hasn’t touched, we present… animal print carpet! We like this less traditional take on the trend with this Fawn print.

Fawn print carpet in stairwell Image source the zhush

Fifty Shades of Greige

Grey is still the hottest neutral on the market because it simply goes with everything. Bland beige is still taking a back seat, or you have the best of both worlds with what is known as ‘greige’, a mix of the two.

Tribal theme carpetImage source Hermes iSense Carpet


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* Header Image source David Moore Architecture and Design