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Create timeless interior in 5 Steps

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Elegant, enduring, subtle, understated – these are the words often used to describe a design considered to be timeless.  But how do you introduce a timeless look in your home?  What makes a unique and timeless home design?  Despite its awe-inspiring presence, this look is relatively easy to achieve, so let’s look at how you can get a timeless interior underway!

Create a classic template

Every home is different, but creating a timeless design in your home all starts with the foundation.  Consider where your budget is spent and invest in foundational items like furniture that you know will be used time and time again.   You want furniture that fits your room perfectly, that’s not too big or small – classically functional.  And just like investing in that little black dress that works with everything, you can then set about accessorizing your space with different cushions, throws, artworks or rugs to create multiple looks as your tastes or seasons change.

Think natural

A home that’s timeless often utilises natural resources to complement and harmonize the interiors and its surrounding architecture – think wood, stone, brick, natural fibres like cotton.  Emphasise your home’s natural architectural details by keeping lines and shapes of your room clean, unobstructed, and clear of clutter to show case their graceful simplicity.

Go understated

Timeless isn’t in your face.  It’s not ornate, opulent or avant-garde.  Think simple, sophisticated, and subtle, then incorporate other elements of design to offer a point of interest – like placing an antique piece of furniture against a neutral wall under a piece of contemporary art.  This achieves both timeless and modern look.

Never overlook a neutral

Neutrals are a timeless designers friend.  They accentuate space without overpowering it and create the perfect backdrop with which to place one-off pieces of artwork or furnishings.  Griege, ivory and earthy hues create a soothing palette with which to colour kitchen cabinetry, flooring, couches, or walls.  Classic colours then like black, navy blue and dark green are also timeless and can co-exist happily alongside these neutrals to create a quietly understated interior.

What makes you happy

Ultimately, your home reflects who you and your family are and how you live.  When creating a timeless interior, remember choose items you’re not going to tire of looking at – you’re less likely to tire of your interior if you select pieces that you truly love, despite everchanging market trends!


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