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Colour trends forecast

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When you’re planning to decorate your home, looking to the latest colour and decorating trends is an easy way to get new ideas and inspiration.  The team from Resene share a few of the new trends that you’ll see more of at the 2019 Auckland Home Show.

Embracing the dark

Dark hues are cocooning in bedroom and living spaces, creating spaces to hunker down and relax in, away from busy life. Use a tone on tone palette where the darkest colour leads the design and progressively lighter versions are added to complete the look.  Remember to add in texture too. Emphasise this trend of darker colours by using matte finishes. Resene recommend SpaceCote Flat, which helps emphasise the depth and moodiness of dark hues.

Batterns dark wall texture

Battens up

Dimension and design are being added to dark feature walls using battens.  Arrange battens in a variety of designs and add sophistication, style and beautiful shadowing to enhance dark feature walls. They are increasingly popular in bedrooms for an ultra-luxe look, living areas and bathrooms. When combined with lighter colours, such as weathered blues and greys like Resene Dusted Blue and Resene Silver Chalice the look becomes timelessly classic.

Tone on tone

While neutral colours are still popular, there is a trend to using more variations of a colour to avoid a bland colour scheme. This started as just single variations of one colour, such as full strength Resene Black White for the walls, quarter strength for the ceiling and double strength for the doors.  The look is now going deeper and starting with the darkest colour. Then adding lighter variations of that hue, such as dark grey walls, lighter trims and lighter floor colours.  Lastly add a few pops of colour in accessories such as cushions, throws and artworks.  It’s an easy look to replicate and allows you to use a range of tones to get just the right depth of colour in your room even when you step away from neutrals.

Green room with green accessories

For the love of timber

Timber has been increasing coming indoors and helps connects us to nature.  Rather than painting over it, the latest trends are to clear finish timber, in products such as Resene Aquaclear Natural, to protect the timber and keep a natural sheen.  Or use Resene Colorwood stain to rejuvenate or enhance the colour before clear finishing. From feature areas to flooring, timber brings a sense of relaxed, craft vibe into a home.

Megan Harrison-Turner,exterior,greywash,black,Resene Porter+Greywash Light Med+She'll Be Right,photo Bryce CarletonPT5

Interiors going out

As nature comes indoors, we also see our interiors start to head outdoors. This means outdoor living spaces and rooms that look like they could be inside a home. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an outdoor living space, think about decorating it like you would an interior. Use interesting colour choices, pops of colour in accessories such as plant holders and furniture. Don’t forget to soften the look with comfy cushions.


Classic complements

Colour blocking has evolved from a myriad of blocks of different colours into more randomly placed blocks of colour, larger and used in place of art as a feature on their own.  Whether it’s a large square of colour on a wall, a vertical wide stripe or a circular shape, the size and focus on the colour draws attention.  Paired with a neutral background, the accent colour is given the freedom to sing.

For those yearning for more colour, multiple colour blocks can be used. But the key is to give each colour block some space to breathe rather than filling up the whole wall. An easy way to create a multi coloured colour block feature is to use classic complementary colours – such as orange and blue. These hues naturally contrast each other well. Or opt for a tone on tone look with variations of the same colour.  For small areas use Resene testpots, or opt for Resene SpaceCote for larger blocks of colour.

Soothing-bedroom green walls

Unleash your inner artist

Who said you had to be an artist to paint all over your walls? The trend in hand-painted wall murals is for a relaxed, anything goes, freehand style including small painted features that meander over your walls to sections of colour, doodled lines and curves that move across spaces from wall to floor, wall to wall or wall to ceiling.  You don’t need to fill the whole wall for the work to be finished, those days are gone. All you need is a small collection of Resene testpot colours and a little imagination.

Talking points

Wallpaper features are continuing to be popular with a fresh line-up of designs to choose from.  Styles range from faux finishes through to quirky conversational pieces that bring a sense of energy and life.  Collections like the Resene Portobello Wallpaper Collection use fun designs in sophisticated colourways to work well in a wide range of homes and add a little levity to otherwise serious spaces.  Interesting wallpapers are an instant conversation starter and the perfect way to express your personality on your walls.

Pineapple wall paper

When it comes to trends, don’t just choose a colour or wallpaper because it is trendy.  Make sure you love it too.  Always pick and choose the ones that suit your own tastes and lifestyle.  You don’t need to completely redo everything. Just like adding a new jacket or scarf to freshen up your wardrobe, so too can an accent in your home. New trend colours and wallpapers give your home a fresh new look.

For more inspiration on fresh trends, see the latest looks on the Resene website, visit your local Resene ColorShop, and see the Resene specialists at the 2019 Auckland Home Show.

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