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Bedroom Rules!

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From a luxurious headboard and soft carpet to the right paint colourings and lighting, your bedroom is crucial to creating that quiet getaway in a clutter free space.

Let’s delve into some basic rules to make your bedroom work best for you!

Rule 1- Placement

Start by positioning the bed either centered or against the wall, this will highlight areas of movement within your bedroom. A general rule is to leave a minimum of two-three feet between bed and wall or bed and furniture. If you find yourself having to walk around the bed and in between drawers, you may have to reconsider the beds position. Afterall the bed will end up dictating where you end up placing every other piece furniture. Think about the layout and flow in a hotel room, there is a reason why hotels follow a similar floorplan, simply because it works.

Rule 2 – Furniture & Furnishings

Furniture choices should fit the room it lives in. Don’t choose a heavy, large bed and dresser for a smaller size room, simply because you like it. It would make the room feel crowded and small. Take into consideration the area you are working with, and place furniture accordingly. If you have a high ceiling, look into getting a taller headboard it will help to visibly bring the room down to size to create more comfort.

Think about furnishing your bedroom, with only what you need. A bed, bedside table or two, and dresser are all necessities. If your room is a little larger, perhaps a chair or couch, ottoman, or dressing table. Anything else is considered clutter and clutter creates chaos. Remember we are aiming for simple yet cozy, while still maintaining ease of movement throughout.

Rule 3  – Storage

Adding to the peaceful feel of your bedroom, store things out of sight, less clutter creates more of a calming tone. A fitted wardrobe will create more room within the bedroom, provide maximum storage top to bottom and can adapt to suit your budget or needs.

Maximise your wardrobe by installing a range of shelves, drawers and hanging space. If your wardrobe can’t hide all those bits and pieces, store boxes underneath the bed, a trunk to store bedding or incorporate shelving into your headboard to store books.

Rule 4 – Accessorise

Adding in accessories will transform a functional but plain room into something more attractive, adding character and reflecting your personality.

Bedding: Layered bedding is key to a luxurious room, start with soft sheets, a light blanket and a quilt for warmth.

Throw Blanket: Every room needs a colourful throw, to add spark of colourful contrast. Can be used at the end of the bed or over a chair. Can help to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Toss Pillows: The perfect way to add a shot of colour, patterns or textures to your décor. The trick is to use no more than 3 pillows, to contrast with your bedding.

Artwork: ­­­­Give the bedroom flair with a large striking over the wall piece of art, while small pieces are attractive it doesn’t carry the same punch as an accent piece. Don’t limit yourself to frame paintings, other choices include, enlarged photos or ornate mirrors.

Houseplants: Like every other room, a bedroom needs a houseplant or two. Not only are they visually pleasing, they help to purify the air and create a serene feel to the room.

Rule 5 – Lights On

Lighting is a key part in your bedroom design,  ranging from basic to bold, dimmed to dramatic. Lighting fixtures help to complement your décor style, whether it be ceiling lights, bedside lamp or a chandelier. Look to have one of your lighting fixtures create an impact in your bedroom. If not, focus on the natural lighting brought in through your windows, bedrooms always feel more pleasant when there is some sort of view to look at. Natural lighting can enhance the mood of the room, create warmth from the sunlight and make the room appear more spacious.

Overall a great design usually takes time and a lot of refining before you settle with something you like. It can come in all shapes and forms, so work with a design that suits you, your needs and style.

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