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Bathroom Trends

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It can be hard to keep up with ‘trends’ when it comes to bathrooms… they aren’t spaces you rip out readily to replace with what is considered ‘in’ on a whim. But a couple of the hot tips in this roundup is sure to spark some creativity and may give you some inspiration you never knew you needed.

Super Saver Shower

Water wastage is a huge consideration in a modern bathroom, and protecting this precious global resource starts with your showerhead. It is believed that showers and taps account for 40% of indoor water use, making them second only to the toilet. But thanks to Kickstarter, the future may be an eco-friendly showerhead from a San Francisco company called Nebia. Their tech atomises water coming through the showerhead to create 10 times more surface area and use 70% less water than a regular shower. But you don’t have to wait for the Nebia to save water in the bathroom, with a wide variety of high-efficiency showerheads already available on the market.

High Tech Toilet

The use of technology in our homes has finally reached the bathroom. Starting from the heated floor up, you can already have advanced electronics in your privvy in the form of motion sensing faucets, app-controlled LED lights, voice-activated temperature control, built-in deodorisers, Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone or MP3 player, televisions integrated into your vanity mirror and more. Kohler’s Veil is the ultimate high tech toilet integrating a toilet and bidet in one, plus touchless flushing, one-touch remote control functionality, seamless, hygienic rimless bowl and built-in UV self-cleansing bidet. This technology is designed to make your bathroom experience more convenient in every conceivable way.

Traditional Tub

Anything about design or décor lately has to consider the ‘farmhouse factor’ – because while we may be getting all space age high tech in the bathroom there is still a desire for the romantic design, timeless elegance, and tranquil allure of modern rustic colonial revival. Hence the stand-alone tub has made a hard and fast comeback, bringing with it vintage style fixings like brass handheld shower heads that look like an old fashioned telephone. Making a style statement is easier with these beauties, and they are more space conscious than the Jacuzzis and built-in tubs that became so ubiquitous a few years ago.

Shape Changer

And finally, something you can update in your bathroom without the need for a plumber or council consent – best of all, it’s also easy on the pocket. The large circular mirror that has been so popular over the past seasons has been replaced by the rounded corner rectangle. A little bit sharp angles, a little bit soft curves: this trend echoes the juxtaposition that is creeping into our washrooms.  Get one with integrated makeup light and demister and you’ll see better, look better and you’ll love your bathroom time more than ever.

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