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Backyard Drama

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With the Auckland Harbour Bridge upgrading its lighting department, we thought it time to address our own outdoor lighting situation; and while a rainbow colour spectrum might not be your thing, it pays to look at your outdoor area and see where you can shine a light.

Artist’s render of the lights to adorn the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Source: Auckland Council

Landscape lighting is designed to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of your garden and outdoor spaces; says top New Zealand lighting experts The Garden Lighting Company, whilst also enhancing your peace of mind and sense of personal security.

So before you start installing lights around the outside of your house, think about what it is you want your lighting to achieve.  For example; are you hoping to prevent slips or falls on pathways and deck areas?  Are you wanting to set the tone for weekend entertaining in your backyard?  Maybe you want to increase evening curb appeal through highlighting the architectural features of your home?

Or perhaps security is your goal, as opposed to just an aesthetic appeal?  Whatever your objective, identifying what your goal is before you start will help you to think creatively and ensure you select the right lighting for the job.

Next, it comes down to getting the right type of lighting for what you need.  Generally lighting falls into these three categories:

  • Overall lighting: to provide illumination for a whole room or space.
  • Task lighting: for a specific purpose, as in lighting a path or
  • Accent lighting: which draws your eye to a specific object or area.

A mixture using all three of these techniques will give you a more complete feel in your lighting design.

If you’re into DIY, don’t forget to position your lights at night as opposed to during the day.  Positioning your lighting at night will help to give you a better understanding of how the shadows of your pathways and shapes of trees and shrubs naturally fall – and you’re also less likely to set up a light shining straight into your lounge room window, or up into your eyes when approaching the front door.

Taking the indoors outside is a growing trend, so if you’re wanting to set up a dining space on the back deck, remember ambience is key.  Leave the brilliant overhead lighting indoors and instead pick out features you can easily showcase outside; like a nearby tree or pergola draped with fairy lights, some subtle up-lighting or even hanging bulbs to help create that warm, cosy feeling.

Whatever your reason for wanting to add a little drama to your backyard, head along to New Zealand’s largest home and renovation exhibition; the Auckland Home Show (September 6-10 at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane) and speak with our lighting experts including The Garden Lighting Company about how you can design an outdoor lighting plan to suit your home.  Tickets available now at