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A Pop of Colour

Winter- Ready Homes: 8 Tips for Canterbury Residents

While a calming neutral is a homeowner’s best friend, sometimes it’s nice to throw our adult sensibilities away and embrace our childhood love of vibrant, bold colour.  You don’t have to go all-out and start painting the ceiling fushia (though if that’s what your heart desires then go for it), just begin by introducing colour one step at a time with the help of these easy tips.

Start out small

If you’re thinking of adding a bold splash of colour to a room but you’re not sure about painting an entire feature wall just yet, then go simple.   Keep in a mind the 80/20 rule; 80% netural vs 20% vibrancy to achieve your desired colour effect.  Introduce a piece of brightly coloured furniture, or a throw blanket, pillow, artwork, lamp or rug to your space whereby creating a mini ‘pop’ of colour into the room.

Update your bedding

The bed is really the focus of a bedroom, so use it as your textured canvas to make a colour statement.  Introduce a set of brightly coloured sheets into the mix or invest in a double-sided duvet to set the scene for your colour revival and contrast colours and patterns.

Embrace your inner artist

Starting to feel as though your lounge is turning into a clinical waiting room?  Liven things up by bringing in some artwork.  The great thing about art is that there are options for every budget and it even allows you to express your own creative energy through tackling your own DIY canvas should you feel the need.

Stop and smell the flowers

Whether you pick a brightly coloured bunch from your own backyard, or pick up a posy from your local florist, putting out a vase of fresh flowers not only lifts your mood, it provides instant eye-catching colour and makes your home smell fabulous.

Treat your walls

Want more intensity?  Nothing freshens up a room like a newly decorated feature wall.  From setting a serene scene to making a vivid statement, bringing your walls to life through paint or wallpaper creates a conversation piece in your home.  Just make sure your colour selection is in tone with your other colour choices in the room (it should complement them – not match them) and get colouring!

To speak with interior design and colour experts about introducing colour into your home, visit the Auckland Home Show, 6-10 September 2017 at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. Buy your tickets here.