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13 Stylish Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to mean giving up your sleek design cred—it’s possible to get the spooky vibe without giving up your style or taste. That’s right, no tacky plastic skeletons and inflatable spiders, here. Check out these Halloween decoration ideas for a more refined ‘All Hallow’s Eve aesthetic’. Swap out the cliched carved pumpkins and rubber bats in favor of something a bit more thoughtfully-designed this year.

A lot of these ideas still leave room for your decor to still shine rather than be taken over. And for the purpose of keeping it spooky we’ve rounded it out to 13 decor ideas to inspire your Halloween home aesthetic. 

Spook Up the Front Porch

Even if Halloween guests never enter your home — like trick-or-treaters — they’ll definitely see the front porch so give it a festive feel with a colourful rug, lanterns, and piles of pumpkins. For a spooktastic finishing touch, add a pair of gnarled faux trees that are wrapped in mini orange lights that’ll cast a spell long after the witching hour.

Distressingly Dress the Windows

Give the front of your home a haunting makeover in a flash with curtains stencilled with Halloween designs to transform windows or clear doors into a spooktacular scene.

Pick a Palette

Limiting your decor’s colour palette to just a few shades creates a look that’s perfectly pulled together. For this Halloween mantel, they chose black-and-white and shades of orange. Metallics are a must for any well-styled look so why not mix in copper, gold or silver for an added touch of glam.


Or, Give Them a Giggle

Seriously, where would our digital lives be without the handy emoji? Give your Halloween pumpkins the same shorthand sense of fun with a little yellow paint and craft paper.

And, Even an Interior Wall can be it’s own Halloween Decoration 

Inexpensive paper party bunting, colourful card stock and double-sided tape are all you need to turn an interior wall or door into a menacing monster. Best of all, you can make your beastie as large or small as you’d like and it’s a snap to make this scary guy disappear when Halloween’s over.

Give Arachnophobes a Fright with this Halloween Decoration idea

Inexpensive (and removable) supplies give an everyday shade a creepy-crawly makeover that’s only visible when illuminated. Learn how to craft this lampshade with a scary surprise, below.

Scare Up Dollar Store Crafts

Get creative to turn $1 finds and basic craft supplies into creepy-crawly wall art. 

Go Glam With Glittered Pumpkins

School glue and black glitter are all you need to give natural or faux pumpkins a chic makeover. Choose an easy pattern for crafting with kids or go with a timeless design, like a monogram or graphic pattern, for a sophisticated look.

Invite Bugs to the Dinner Table

Give inexpensive white dinner plates a creepy-crawly makeover with black ceramic paint and bug silhouettes. Learn how to make the painted plates food-safe, below.

GET THE HOW-TO: Hand-Painted Insect Plates

Halloween Decorations To Bring Your Living Room to Life

Hit your local craft or dollar store for googly eyes in assorted sizes and shapes to give everyday objects big and small an ever-watchful gaze.

Whip Up a Little Poison

Don’t toss that old bottle. Instead turn it into sleek Halloween decor. To get the look: Thoroughly clean the glass; once dry, coat each bottle with one coat of spray primer and 2-3 coats of matte black spray paint. Add a handwritten label and display your potent potables as a group.

Or, Stick to Can’t-Miss Colours

Black + white is a classic colour combo for a reason: It never goes out of style. For a timeless look, stick to just the high-contrast hues or mix in pops of orange or red or green for a more colorful take.

Craft a Classic Banner

You certainly don’t need sorcery on your side to magic up this budget-friendly decoration. There are many free printable templates via a quick Google search making it a snap.


We know it’s easy to take Halloween decor too far – if you’re not careful, and it cab become gaudy if you’re too heavy-handed. So hopefully these ideas keep your home on theme, while not messing with your daily living spaces and decor!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween from the Home Show team and remember to keep it stylishly creepy!”


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